Monday, 13 December 2010


So sick of sitting in hot and cold rooms writing myself into corners,
i want to climb mountains and smoke waterfalls.
I want to break out of the prison and eat the wilderness.
Swim out until a rip tide takes me someplace else,
wash up in France and feign complete memory loss.

Set myself in burning motion,
run until there is no cartilage in my knees,
crawl until my nails rip from my fingers,
find myself at the peak of nothing and throw myself away.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Old Maid

You've wilted in the wind like fog,
you are old leather hung over old bone,
desperate and desolate, unhappy alone.

Have you smoked a thousand cigarettes a day since I last saw you?
Have you stayed up into each night and slept through each day?
Has no one been here to feed you fresh carrots and give you fresh hay?
I'm sad that you're broken, its my fault you're broken...
at least that is what they'll say.


It crept out and peered over,
it neared nothing as it got lower.
It called forth the eternal horde,
they hung their heads and scurried back, bored.
It yelled at the heaven, beating down the doors,
"damn you God! God damn you and yours!"
It bruised its knuckles digging holes to bury shovels.
It vomited absurdities and was forced to eat its own words.
It threw nets into the sky and tried to catch the birds.

Just sleek moves through wet paper,
the deaf dance of a wild rapier.

Friday, 3 December 2010

thank you jstor

You have handed me the dogs bollocks,
here is the crux, the ever beating heart,
may it long burn in the back of your mind,
one defiant candle relighting itself.

Pure golden nectar tumbling,
becoming effervescent,
exploding to new futures,
like so many corn kernels.
You poured another and another
the circle i'd withdrawn from redrew its self
your greased fingers curled around a wish bone,
and i sure wished i had stayed at home,
instead i'm here, chewing your heart like cud.


it is all wrapped up in tissue paper,
it is meek and shivering and grey ,
light dappled and muted,
a gentle breeze,
a calming influence.

in the centre of this dull normality,
there is searing serenity, soaring indefinitely
screaming for silence, turn off the television
freedom from white noise and nothingness
empty cushions for comfort,
for a head once blessed.