Monday, 19 January 2015

to think it could all be torn up in an instant

The bordering might not hold
I don't understand how to format a document
what if the line ran on
 unbeknownst to me in my blind ramblings
so that most of the meaning lay there off to the right
somewhere missing the concrete certainty of the block text
where everything is neat and comprehensible
oh what a surprising flounce of behaviour

it is a stupid paranoia
to worry about a tangent
an arc dying out in the dark
like a firework
I don't know which type of firework
I don't care

but there
is the real paranoia
what if I follow the wrong decision
what if I get lost in the dark
far past the border
that contains our shared memory
our shared minds
where we agree/ talk
all neat and comprehensible
and tangents are still beautiful