Wednesday, 7 September 2011


we pay gratuity to each other,
for our failings, baffled and falling all about each other,
falling into each other, loping about like bunnies,
tying ourselves through ourselves, like laces, 
offering ourselves up for rat races,
struggling to interpret sad faces, 
falling off like flies, 
flitting about the sky like martyred souls,
careless now the route has reached the cause, 
we pay gratuity on our own mistakes, 
lose the stubs of won bets, 
run around in circles, 
like caged chipmunks,
crazed eyes, white lies, 
the bed cries to me, 
roast chickens burn bright through brick walls, 
we pay for it later, 
when we’re lost, ten miles on, 
dead legs,
running on the dregs,
as all of our ill intentioned meanderings,
add up, 
and we pay for it. 

Thursday, 1 September 2011

wits end

all flexed up like an alley cat,
 hot head, dead dreams 
an eye glinting gold and a head turning black, 
 flipped a coin ran two blocks and turned back. 
 no opening up of thoughts, 
a head full of collapsed chairs with broken latches.
a fish in a bowl, a fly in a jar, a sprinter running laps.
Rinse lather repeat, good clean living and all that.