Thursday, 24 January 2013

stones throw,

You were half inside the rock you threw,
the heart I felt flew out of you,
and through your teeth the air you drew,
to bite some cold, just ice to chew.
before yellow moons,
and newer songs,
before waning sails...

that just do not know where,
   to belong.

and we sat side by side,
hands tied,
and we tried and we tried,
but that was then,
when the echos ran out,
into circles so perfect,
then sank from the middle,
from where they began,
where that rock did land.
as we sat side by side,
hands tied,
and I tried,
but that was then,
when I told you we'd mend,
when I tried to pretend,
that was then.

Friday, 18 January 2013


blacked out teeth and windows,
drawn near enough to tear,
closer then, nearly far too close,
breaking pieces off in puzzlement,
so damn frustratingly spectacular,
as the apples start to die,
rotting left out centrepieces,
the unavoidably blue sky,
that the tip of you will whisper to,
but it isn't nearly near enough,
with brokered deals with tired expressions,
you could have had a handfull,
you could have had a castle,
pretty white washed walls pretty white skinned princess,
clear crystalline water,
just dripping through your fingers,
passed by figures wearing mirrors,
you my son, you could have been,
you aught to of for certain,
but each day kicks you back reeling,
lip stick smears the window,
so disgusting how it taunts you,
non happenings that haunt you,
you ate broken glass and pulled through,
clinging to your catheter,
drowned in love and holy laughter,
drowned for real shortly there after.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

one half of the room are vampires

dragged a line through chalk, 
I sighed to say I'd made you talk,
I'd dragged you here by the neck,
away from love and loss and loving.

ankles tied tight swept out from under you,
away with the tide that will never come back,
away with the youth that burns behind you,
a comet tail on a commercial flight, 
spindly perfect cloud, trailing white, trailing white,
as the gold dust becomes... just sediment, 
sticks to the side of glass at the side of the sink.

you were brought here for a reason,
for recompense, for treason,
to sound out everything you believe in,
in simple symbols,
sighing cold in creaks,
like the window lets air in,
one sad sap at a time. 

I need to hear your epiphany,
I need it billowing through my neck,
but I'm stuck with your silence,
in a building without phones,
I need you to bring energy,
but you came empty fisted and alone,
I was waiting weighted like a freight cart,
without wheels, with broken bones,
a pack mule cut to pieces, 
a standard bearer waving madly, sweetly stoned, 
unaware of the subtext, the relevance, 
the debts 
happy hanging like a scapegoat,
crying idol all alone. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

talking like a stranger,
you punched another ticket, 
your stiff upper lip a blistered beak,
you were smiling like you
 were holding something back
a throat loaded with vomit, 
or the ability to speak. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

tough curl up your lip,
 don't you know how to apologise?
you look absurd,
 like your soul's being extracted by syringe,
I hope there is something left to burn inside you. turn away,
because you don't know what to say,
I wish you'd cry,
I wish I thought you had it in you,
how I'd fall, like a planned demolition blasting grey.