Tuesday, 31 May 2011

and as,
they fell all about each other
their heat radiated.
Until they were
neither hot,
nor cold,
just wild snakes,
in the mountains,
together made bold.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

let me be.

Let me rest and do nothing,
let me contemplate hunger,
let me bask, let me languish,
let me loose, free to subside,
let my every derivation be propelled,
flood forth to new worlds,
and as I ride out each whim,
let me laugh, let me grin,
let me sleep and let me sin,
let me do nothing but nothing,
let me be.

Friday, 13 May 2011

dear your ankles are frozen,
from that junk you've been smoking,
and i'm full up with music, i just can't transpose of,
it looks like i'll freeze here with you.

and while your cold words were sleeting,
my brow took a beating,
i forgot all i thought, that i knew,
i'm excited now, now nothings true.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Marry me.

Let us start a partnership, to which I add nothing,
i'll try to light the way with paraffin, but i'll burn up our supplies,
i'll be an anchor, most loyal deadweight by your side,
i'm tied to you, indebted, as you help me tie my tie,
a monolithic obelisk, that marks the day you died.

Sweet Nothings

Suddenly there is heaven glittering in my brain,
a limelight casts its senselessness and i'm jubilant again,
for a second I am God and I am burning in the rain,
inextinguishable anguish, glorifying pain.

Subject to change

I stand before you a man changing,
gathering sustenance,
from within my egg shell,
ready to tap out,
be set loose, set sail,
with my back to hell,
hoping the tides avail,
as the circling world around me,
grows shorter in days,
I feel strangled in a way,
stepping out into a multitude,
paths out into the multiverse,
all of my tomorrows,
are born in just a day.