Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Can't it all be like the fly by night,
lit up in the airplanes tail is the red.
Were it not for suicide and crass words,
and things overturned and overturned.
Light learns from its surrounding,
light dances in solitude and excludes,
the Merriweather, the hay, the garden,
in the grey.

Let the words weight deploy me,
chance, encountering my bed,
sat me bolt up like a thunderclap,
and that was all I ever read.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


 then it was broken valour cleansing power ripe fruit and flower seasons and sour crisp peaks and crystal cut wave tips freed into the bleak night eked out like the sun light snubbed squeaks and the brevity of post cards this sent me in like ill fitting pegs finding my sea legs finding myself a troubadour at a Mexican funeral. pop.


here heads the open heart, here heels stand dug in and hard,
breath sighs another, through the mouth of a dawn,
wrapped up in silk skin, cocooned adjourned,
sediment collecting all about the sides of him,
cold eyes collecting all around the sight of him,
such a gifted mind for sardonic stares,
cut through great swathes of his life,
prepare me please as he is prepared.

Dutch barge

work it out for yourself, worked all up to something else, hand it out, pails and pails, 
pointless boat, damn fine sails, seats the whole hell bound heap of us, a crest fallen creep of us, 
there will be no more sleep for us, sinking souls the lot of us, we’re the best chosen crust, 
thrown out with the rest of them, put off by the side of them, 
hand outs and tidal cravings, unquenchable silences, between fortunate friends, 
lets live on a boat, lets run out to sea, there’s a whole world to float on, there’s a found family,
there are no things that are undoable, there are just things you don’t choose to do, 
lets kite fly for the hell of it lets sweep it all under the sea.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


There is new light under you, as the day takes flight,
as the sun pastes horizons over you, the heavy set hanging head,
looking up to see what's new, blue hope is cooked away.

There is new light under you, a lofty cry that steps lightly and plays,
as the day is new blossom, the world shrugs off its ardour and ripens its hue.