Tuesday, 26 April 2011

well then

this cold breath that sinks out of me,
as i'm defeated, deflated, crumbling like rust,
as all my effort is for naught.

an unwelcoming draft,
pushes me from the warmth of new homes,
what more is there to do?
what more was there to say?
collect what you can,
pack up and walk away.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

5 year plans

How about them,
they are pouring in,
one by one,
how about them,
they do things,
just for fun,

This place is flooding,
a wave of bodies,
one mile high,
this place is flooding,
noise mutilates,
the silent sight.

We writhe and struggle,
while the cement sets,
pinned down by regrets,
we writhe and struggle,
but they've glued our nest,
one taut mass of stiff unrest.

How about them,
building bridges,
to our solitude,
how about them,
building bridges,
mocking our ineptitude,
burning our effigies,
chopping sacred tree's,
pissing and fucking,
making something,
out of everything,
making something,
where once,
there was sweet nothing.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

so long cubicle

Come on baby,
lets grow mullets,
wear only tank tops,
drink out of brown paper bags,
right outside the liquor store,
this straight jackets a bore,
so sick of picking lapel pins,
sorting trash into separate bins,
from this day I'm never going to shave again,
i'll shower in the sink at the service station,
i'll hitch hike with truckers,
nothing to offer them but a good story,
wanting nothing from the world,
except for a good story.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

toy soldier

The silk fist that punches you in for your first kiss,
as you enlist and are scanned in like a crimson barcode,
too drunk to notice the elixir of youth erupting from your veins.

The rage red lips that pepper you with sweet spit,
as you subdue yourself, ready yourself, submit and recline,
too dumb to notice you have nothing of yourself left but time.

The tissue paper skin that rips in the hot din,
as you pay the greatest price of false freedom,
too dismal to notice that divine is no kingdom,
there is no heaven and no glory.


My eyes burn, and I itch,
no small concern, but,
as long as my head,
is filled with thousands,
of luminescent explosions,
forced through the eye of a needle,
I can cope with the risk,
I can hope it isn't one.

My motions once frantic,
now measured, choice cuts,
100% high grade skunk,
burning like the aftermath,
I am the light in the oven,
showing you the food,
Showing you when to open up.

Everything is visceral,
I have not shut myself down,
I've grabbed hold of own destiny,
and I relish its manifestation.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


We all flood our veins with cocaine, caffeine and vanilla,
plough with purpose through acres of filler.
Stuff our mouths and hearts with empty promises,
purposeful penguins huddled together against sublime nothing.

Cracks appear in the ice burg we're floating on,
crumbling like rocks to sand, ice turns to shards,
we drift off, tiny unique snowflakes in a starry sky,
a shout out to infinity, we at least must try...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Tropical fish flit about like light through stained glass,
flickering like a fire, desperate and insane.
Like the ramblings of a drunk, circling the drain,
there is poetry in sadness in the crumbling refrain,
a flash of perfection and then nothing again.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Ready yourself for the night is long,
the righteous path is arduous
and they know your favourite song.


All these misgivings, once muted, now flooding to the surface,
clambering at the back on my throat, readied at the tip of my tongue.
all these sharp judgements and rash resolutions, so infirmly imbedded,
racking my brain for reasons to feel how I have...
commended myself for feeling.

I wear diadem of half baked irreverence,
you are a war that i've read half an article about,
that I am so ready, so willing, so able, to condemn.

Monday, 4 April 2011


I've been burning out for certain,
With words I knew that I could lure them,
And I cut you out behind the curtain,
Right before, you dragged me up the river.

I bit my tongue to stop from blurting,
Corralled my friends when they were flirting,
I'd really hate to have to hurt them,
But thats before, my spine felt a shiver.

I've been dogged for days by you,
With no idea of what to do,
You promised you'd come through,
But here I am washed up by the river.