Friday, 25 February 2011

bitter snow flakes that burn,
with the warmth of a wood floors bathed in summer sun,
such high chairs to mount up on,
tact up on to the rubber walls,
pictures, and tickets and memories of fun.

alas i lack just lately dreams on which to run,
the cogs are clicking through the motion,
trundling along, fumbling for the starting gun,
skating on a chalk board, bathed in summer sun,
remorseful of my memories knowing what they become.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

everything is your fault

typing with my eyes closed, begging you to end it all with a single nail to the head.
lying in a cyclone, a night terror raging round my bed.
you're eclipsing my greatest profundity, you are aggravating my eczema.
dismiss it as absurdity but it comes back all the same,
this hate speech, what a blame game
yelling from the back vault in my head.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

North Star

You've been doused with the colours,
you're dripping with gray's.
we bleached all of our cynics,
now they're bright white as midday.

I've got a mouthful of chalky nothing
I can spit it out, I can talk up a storm.

Cut me loose from this daze;
I want to spin off into perfect clarity,
to buzz here in blurred nothing is insanity
it takes more strength than i have to settle my stomach,
and i can't keep borrowing yours
you're bright white as midday,
a beacon at the tip of some mountain,
I'll follow you from the window of my train,
although I'll have to keep going where it wills

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ugh again?

Holy fuck, there is so much sodden paper and so much muck
Can't you see that we two are stuck,
we turned left then right,
we jumped then had to duck
we ran in a circle, but just for good luck.
We three kings are kind of in a rut,
we used to have swagger my god could we strut,
now we just sit here and smoke to the butt.
we might as well start pissing on the carpet.

My fingertips are torn,
blood is collecting in the nails,
gritted like teeth.

A mouth full of glass
and blood
so much blood
I wish I hadn't said anything.


I can see you out of the corner of my eye,
hanging around the apex, nothing but bunged up light
out there hanging from the tip of a grecian isle
I tilt my head and you undulate duly,
i'm yours and you are mine truly,
ships sink straight up to high heaven
and all the while you laugh
a shade knows nothing
feels nothing but the pull of its puppet strings
but I swear I saw you move.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

crumpled paper

There isn't a damn thing,
here in the atmosphere stale and painfully clear,
if I stay sitting here, nothing will appear.
If I leave i'll be cold why must the wind chill be so damn severe.
Why won't these days that unfold like old receipts,
a cocoon that awakes to become some inane memory,
such innocuous discovery as to inoculate me against deep thought.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Grave new Hope

This grave new hope, is eating away at me,
shivering at the base of my spine,
Before I'd thought the world was through with me,
an apathy so dull but fine.
I'd brave to venture to the end of my tether
to find something better, and yet
at the point of furthest reach
I am recollected and reproached.
There is no change and no grand conclusion,
and yet I see such grand delusions, mere mirage illusions,
sincere excuses for the grave mistakes that gave me this,
This grave new hope, that is burning in the heart of me,
an ending and a start to me.