Wednesday, 27 July 2011

moving house

little bits of the wall paper come off in my hand,
little fragments, rivets, screws, tumbling towers of dice,
vacuum up the crumbs because thats how ya get mice,
my god this world is sea and sand, sifting the pieces of it
through my hand, tumbling towers of dice.
I'm walking through decades at a time, blinking away whole days,
my god, what a way to live, sitting pretty.
life gets better, you get a new toaster, I get some more space,
a jumble sale, a car boot sale, a little rain, a little hail,
in July? but mneh March was like really hot,
be thankful for the silver lining, you can't unget what you got,
the atrophy is coming, so just try and stop the rot.

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