Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dutch barge

work it out for yourself, worked all up to something else, hand it out, pails and pails, 
pointless boat, damn fine sails, seats the whole hell bound heap of us, a crest fallen creep of us, 
there will be no more sleep for us, sinking souls the lot of us, we’re the best chosen crust, 
thrown out with the rest of them, put off by the side of them, 
hand outs and tidal cravings, unquenchable silences, between fortunate friends, 
lets live on a boat, lets run out to sea, there’s a whole world to float on, there’s a found family,
there are no things that are undoable, there are just things you don’t choose to do, 
lets kite fly for the hell of it lets sweep it all under the sea.

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