Tuesday, 28 June 2011

As you like it.

AS hollow as my life, running from a tracking shot,
caught up in a sinuous mesh, a maze; a no frills mausoleum,
where the coffins are made of wafer and only the privileged few are embalmed,
where you stuff candy into socks and under the bed before some all seeing eye,
count tight your blessings, hold close your dreams, before the second coming.

AS subjected to your wailings, wailing upon my piteous soul;
your pious irreverence, passing through my cynicism with incandescence,
catching me off guard with some glancing blow of sincerity ,
caught up like a mad man, that once found the answers,
but chased them through the spirals of the wind onto unreachable rooftops,
like a ticket stub in a hurricane.

AS you left me, sedate, all wrongs rectified,
unbiasedly, unabashedly in love, with some overwrought emotion,
emboldened by false promises, fearless, proud, and blessed...

Fastidiously unbuttoning a dress, religious, pious, and yet... yes;
all of this cocktail, is savored, by no saviour, no hangman, no. less.
love, bitterly, it must be admitted, is the passion, of adam regressed.

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