Thursday, 23 June 2011


your gone, and yet you dart in and out of my head...
like a fish disappearing into a shoal,
like a silver fish, darting into rice,
so that i choke back the vomit in my mouth
yet inevitably i'll forget,
forget, this glint,
this shining sadness,
recoil at the occasional flicker
a haunting that lasts all of a moment,
that full sigh, as a part feigns to die.
you will become no more than table scraps,
or the white mold that grows on a glass,
left beside a chair and forgotten.

or maybe you'll be a phoenix.
and, rupture... shatter... across my path,
dashing bright blood across everything,
passion and impulse and joy,
a dissolving bitter pill,
that fizzes up and drowns,
through the fissure of my skull,
sticks me...
like a fish hook through the eye.

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