Saturday, 3 March 2012

i'm alright, climbing up a reed,
breathing out a stitch, hauling ass,
running round corners, away away,
life burns on like one hit pipes,
takes affect quicker than soluble tablets,
tastes all the more bitter, the more times,
you fuck up or fall down,
all tangled up in guitar cables,
tripping over dirty laundry,
overstretched, overworked,
underpaid, but alright,
cracked off like a push pencil,
snapped led, missing out,
to jobs snapped up by the pure bred,
file another failure,
caught in a riptide of rain,
i'm alright waiting
 to be dumped out at sea,
crawl back to the shoreline,
wait for the clouds to clear,
its almost here, this is my year.

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