Friday, 30 March 2012


watch you curl out your chest, as you breath in the air,
draw a line with the breath, that melts under your hair,
the sigh lights show me that your fading, out the good times into jading,
the bright light has drawn out, is hung out, is flawed and it is failing,
the raconteurs regaling was sold to us for training but we're all out of empathy,
and his heart is apathetic, beating like a pacemaker, regular and ordinary,
its all so damn proportional, the procession is disgruntled,
the street lights are blinding, with there sibilant similarity,
its all becoming so damn parallel, I'm paranoid and homesick,
bright light progression guiding and gaining, snowballs set a-rolling,
the cold night is strung out like cats eyes, like a metronome, sat atop that damn piano,
our vision is narrowed our tired skulls so sallow,
break bread to dip in the bitter, pill paste and shiver,
move with the litter, don't sigh like a quitter,
rant the world to right, screaming but indolent.

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