Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Burning up in pools for the shapedancers
I know you are cut from cloth,
sounding out like timpani drums,
tight bound and jag toothed,
oceans embalmed, breathless,
reep reep reep, there is much left to crush for,
to shout about, run into the mass,
concentrated whole, smear blood,
all down the fronts of us,
creep and crawl

Danced beats through bedsheets,
reep reep through blessed beats,
the ground you flagged and sweat into soles,
you dragged yourself up,
followed me for miles, for nothing,
clasped tight this hell,
 you've bound yourself to me,
do tell tell tell.

You called out,
between the long looks,
freckled faces, bowing graces,
a look to say I love you.

burning up in pools for the shapedancers,
I know you are cut from cloth,
finer thread than many,
feel so light and heady,
blood slips
between sips
the fissure leaks catastrophe,
the blessed slip, fall, break,
 for me,
pray pray.

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